When Concrete and Steel Meet Sensors and Signals: How a Mobile Workforce Can Make it All Work

Maintaining critical infrastructure is one of the most important jobs out there, one that can protect millions of people while also making their lives better. There's just one small detail: It all needs to be maintained, and most of it needs to be able to phone home reliably.

Your mobile workforce needs to be equipped with rugged tools that can withstand the rigors of any environment where they need to work. But there's one other factor as well: the devices need to remain secure. When you send a worker out with a device, you're sending that person out with a connection to your organization, with data that needs to be kept private, and with records that are not only private to you, but may be subject to regulatory compliance. Making it all work also means making sure it remains secure.

CBS Interactive is proud to present "When concrete and steel meet sensors and signals: How a mobile workforce can make it all work," a detailed and informative white paper about equipping a mobile workforce to maintain the digital elements of critical infrastructure.

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